Monday, February 28, 2011

Atlanta Update

UPDATE III: 11pm EST.  Atlanta Airport still has 1.5 hour departure delays. Story about the (mostly minor) damage in Atlanta here.

UPDATE II: 6:42pm EST. Tornado warning has expired. However, severe thunderstorm warning continues for south Atlanta including the airport. Delays at ATL average 1hr. 35 min. and are increasing.
Radar at 6:38pm EST. Damaging winds LIKELY in SC near arrows.
ATL Airport is indicated by the rectangle in south Atlanta.

UPDATE: 6:08pm Monday: Tornado warning for SW part of Atlanta.

The hook echo associated with the tornado warning (arrow).
Radar time was 6:08pm

East-west lines of thunderstorms are more likely to cause flash floods than north-south lines.

Radar estimates that more than two inches of rain have already fallen in north Atlanta.

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