7:10pm Friday - Updated Hurricane Beryl Forercast

The red arrows represent the range of where I forecast landfall of Beryl's center. 

I now believe the entire Texas Gulf Coast is in play as to landfall. I was leaning toward that change in this forecast update. The arrival of the 18Z European Model forecast sealed it. 

Wind Speed Forecast: if Beryl strikes near or south of Corpus Christi, wind speeds will be around 85-90 mph. If the storm strikes north of Corpus, wind speeds could be in the 90-100 mph range. 

Tbe National Hurricane Center's Hurricane Watch is shown in pink along the central and southern Texas coast. I believe they will have to extend the watch farther north in later advisories. 

The flood forecast is here. There will also be a storm surge near and north of where the center makes landfall. Finally, there will be a few tornadoes. 

I will update this forecast again Saturday morning 


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