10:30 Update on Hurricane Beryl

Beryl is now attacking Jamaica, which is the large island south of Cuba. Kingston is on the south side of the island and will be suffering a great deal of damage. Sustained winds are around 140-145 mph and there will be major storm surge. 

I have modified the forecast from the National Hurricane Center, below.
Here is a color code:
  • Red outlines for Jamaica, Cayman Islands and east Yucatan are hurricane warnings. 
  • The yellow on the north side of Yucatan and Belize are tropical storm warnings. 
  • Brown is the radius of hurricane force winds, greater than 75 mph.
  • Amber is winds 40 to 74 mph. 
  • White is the "confidence cone" which is where the center of Beryl is forecast to be. It is important to remember that the effects of the storm will be larger than the cone. 
  • Orange lines are my extension of the confidence cone. I believe that the Texas coast is now in play. The storm would arrive Sunday or Sunday night. Intensity is too soon to say. 
I will update this evening. 


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