The Sorry Invisibility of Weather Science

Does anyone else see anything missing in the captioning of the Twisters trailer?
In WarningsI wrote that weather science is the "Rodney Dangerfield of the sciences -- we get no respect." This is screen capture of a closed caption from the Twisters trailer certainly an example. 

A movie about weather and tornadoes and there is no mention of the National Weather Service or NOAA -- even though the movie's technical advisor was an employee of a NOAA lab! I don't blame him, I blame our science and the distaste many meteorologists have for engaging the public. And, while I won't name names, some of the people who are anti-public relations are the same people who complain that weather science is underfunded. 

Weather science has cut the death rate (deaths per million population) by 95%. It is estimated the warnings for Hurricane Katrina saved more than 30,000 lives! Those are Nobel-worth accomplishments but hardly anyone knows about them. Our science needs to do a much better job in this regard. 


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