8:40pm Hurricane Beryl Back Up to Cat 3

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Here is the color code:
  • Red = hurricane warning. 
  • Brown = area of hurricane force ( >75 mph) winds.
  • Amber = area of tropical storm force winds (40-74 mph).
  • Red = hurricane warning. 
  • Blue = tropical storm warning.
  • White = what is called "the cone" -- which is the area in which the center of the storm is forecast to move. There can be major effects of any hurricane outside of the cone. 
  •  S means "tropical storm" while H means hurricane and M means "major" (Cat 3-5) hurricane. 
The National Hurricane Center has noticed the improved organization (scroll down) and says they are not sure whether it is temporary or whether the storm will slightly strengthen before reaching the Yucatan tomorrow. Regardless, the storm will cause considerable damage, including in the Cancun and Cozumel areas. 

Most of the indicators show the storm reaching the Texas or mainland Mexico coast as a hurricane. The exact amount of restrengthening at the point is unknown. 


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