10p Friday Update on Hurricane Beryl

Here is the color code:
  • Red = hurricane warning. 
  • Brown = area of hurricane force ( >75 mph) winds.
  • Amber = area of tropical storm force winds (40-74 mph).
  • Red = hurricane warning. 
  • Blue = tropical storm warning.
  • White = what is called "the cone" -- which is the area in which the center of the storm is forecast to move. There can be major effects of any hurricane outside of the cone. 
  •  S means "tropical storm" while H means hurricane and M means "major" (Cat 3-5) hurricane. 

    When the storm comes ashore in Yucatan tomorrow (perhaps near Tulum) it is expected to still be a Cat 3 storm. That is up from this afternoon. 

    When the storm emerges into the Gulf, it is forecast to be a disorganized tropical storm. However, it is forecast to restrengthen over the Gulf and is forecast to have 80-85 mph winds at landfall in the general vicinity of the mouth of the Rio Grande. 

    I will have an update Saturday morning. 


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