10:10am Thursday Update on Beryl

Here is the color code:
  • Red = hurricane warning. 
  • Brown = area of hurricane force ( >75 mph) winds.
  • Amber = area of tropical storm force winds (40-74 mph).
  • Red = hurricane warning. 
  • Blue = tropical storm warning.
  • White = what is called "the cone" -- which is the area in which the center of the storm is forecast to move. There can be major effects of any hurricane outside of the cone. 
  •  S means "tropical storm" while H means hurricane and M means "major" (Cat 3-5) hurricane. 
Beryl is weakening at this time. However, it will cause significant wind and surf damage in Yucatan. 

The storm will weaken over land but is expected to regain hurricane strength as it moves over the Gulf of Mexico. If it comes ashore in Mexico, I believe it will be along or north of San Fernando. The cone encompasses the parts of Texas which are threatened. 


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