10am Update on Tropical Storm Beryl

Radar at 10am.
The center is west of Bush Intercontinental Airport near the "y" in Katy. 

National Hurricane Center's forecast. 
The X is the location of the center of Tropical Storm Beryl, which is still producing 70-75 mph gusts. The amber is the area experiencing sustained winds of 40 to 74mph. By tomorrow morning, the storm will weaken to tropical depression ("D") status. 

As the storm continues northeast, flooding is the primary threat. 

New tornado watch. 

9:20am. Houston Hobby reported a wind gust of 82 mph. Ellington reported 73 mph. There are about 5 million people without power. At skyscraper level, it looks like gusts of 90 mph have occurred over downtown Houston. 

8:10am. The center of Hurricane Beryl crossed the shoreline at Matagorda, Texas, at 3:35am. The pressure was 979 mb at landfall and the Hurricane Center says the sustained winds were 80 mph. Doppler radar shows an area of 85 to 90 mph gusts from Freeport to Hitchcock. 

As of now, the center of the storm is in the southwest suburbs of Houston, 30 miles southwest of downtown.  Freeport just recorded a gust of 94 mph. Storm surge is 6.8 feet.
A tornado warning (red polygon) is out for the Bolivar Peninsula and points north. 

The higher tornado risk is in the red outline.

There are 1.5 million "customers" without power. That equals about 4 million people. That number is rising. 

Flood Potential Over the Next Three Days


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