Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Caring For the Least Among Us

The Bishop of Belleville, Illinois made an important announcement:

It seemed to fly under the radar of both secular and most Catholic media, but recently some heartening news came out of the Diocese of Belleville, Illinois, when Bishop Michael McGovern announced that he would be selling the 13-bedroom manor that has been the home of Belleville’s shepherds for over 150 years. In a splendid example of the Church putting its money where its mouth is, Bishop McGovern’s office said that selling the valuable property is meant to “generate resources that can be used for a maternity fund for expectant mothers as well as in support of Catholic education, youth ministry and evangelization.”

Throughout the post-Dodd period, there have been those that have accused Catholics of hypocrisy in the pro-life realm. That simply isn't correct and much of the criticism is simply in bad faith. So, I wanted to provide you with yet another example of Catholics trying to care for the least among us as Christ commanded. 

Please vote YES!! today.

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