"Unauthorized" Weather Forecasts

There are several items online about the nation of Oman fining or even jailing people for making "inaccurate" weather forecasts.
By listening to the video, we learn that is not the case. The crime is "unauthorized" weather forecasts. Evidently, they do not have the right to free speech in their nation and only the civil aviation authorities can make weather forecasts.

As a private sector meteorologist for 55 years, you might be surprised how many people in our nation believe it is illegal for anyone but the government to make weather forecasts and storm warnings. 

It is illegal to say your forecast is from the U.S. government's National Weather Service (misrepresentation). Other than that anyone can make and distribute a weather forecast in the USA because neither the federal government nor any state has licensing requirements. Whether that is a good thing is a separate discussion. 


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