Weather As Fascinating to Read as to See

As I was standing in my backyard in Wichita photographing this Oklahoma thunderstorm Sunday evening, I thought again how fascinating and challenging the weather is. Below is a photograph of the radar of the same storm. 
Left is the reflectivity data, the type of radar you see on television. At right is the wind data, showing the diverging winds of a downburst. This thunderstorm was 78 miles from my home. 
When I started my career, we didn't know downbursts existed, let alone did I think we would have a tool to detect them (image at right with diverging arrows).

I tell the amazing story of our progress in warning of tornadoes, downbursts and hurricanes in Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather
This book reads like a novel even though it is completely true. 
Pick up a copy. I think you'll enjoy it. 


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