Global Warming Is Not Needed to Produce a California Megaflood

Big Climate is cranking out the press releases as they vie for the big dollars from President Biden's climate bill. The latest generated headlines about a $1 Trillion flood in California made possible by global warming. 

There is a genuine threat of a trillion dollar flood in California and it isn't necessary for global warming to play a role. I wrote about this threat on November 5 of last year after reading a historical article in Scientific American. 
All that has been done by the UCLA researchers is to take the 1862 disaster and superimpose it on today's dense population and huge growth of wealth in the state. As to the increasing temperatures causing heavier rates of rain in California, that is the result of a computer model and there is hardly enough data to confirm this is truly the case. 

The study is useful as an exercise as to which areas of the state are most vulnerable when the next megaflood occurs. Plus, I continue to worry that there is far too little preparation for when the next hurricane strikes Southern California. 

But, it is unnecessary for global warming to occur in order for California to experience a major flood. 


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