Monday, April 8, 2019

And, Now, Praise For a Democrat

A Democrat I would vote for President (or any other office) in a heartbeat. 
Bob Kerry is a brilliant man and former Senator. He makes some vital points in a March 29 edition of the Omaha World-Herald. Excerpts...

Rather than investigating the president further, Congress needs to investigate how the Department of Justice got this one so wrong. If the president of the United States is vulnerable to prosecutorial abuse, then God help all the rest of us. Members of Congress cannot do this themselves. We do not trust them enough with such a vital mission...

4. Are federal pardons justified? The commission needs the authority to examine whether some Americans were convicted and sentenced because they did not tell the truth about a collusion that never happened. The commission should be given the authority to recommend a pardon for anyone it believes was sentenced unjustly.
Our democracy will survive the hostility of Vladimir Putin. What it may not survive is distrust of our system of justice. At the moment that distrust is deep and wide. We need a nonpartisan national commission to tell us what has just happened and to advise us on what we need to do to keep it from happening again...
Please read the entire piece. I wish he would run for President. Of course, the fact that he is brilliant means he is too smart to put himself and his family through that ordeal. 

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