Monday, April 8, 2019

A Rare Post About Politics

While I occasionally post about the operations of government, I infrequently post about politics because it doesn't interest me and it is over-covered by the MSM. I am making an exception today (see piece praising a Democrat below) because of several alarming tweets that came through my Twitter feed yesterday.
It is impossible to know where to begin in addressing the above tweet. Most of the people who have announced a run for President on the Democratic side don't seem to believe in American ideals. As recent polls show, Americans like business and entrepreneurship. The constant bashing of business and successful people is, at best, tiresome.

Several D's have rather shady backgrounds. Elizabeth Warren? Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? Kirsten Gillibrand and her sadistic sex cult? No, thank you! The fact the Democrats even consider these people (whom ordinary Americans wouldn't vote for dog catcher based on their character as revealed by their actions) viable candidates answers the "white men" tweet rather well.

But, of greater concern is this tweet -- which is simply delusional.
Right wing common front? New York Times and Washington Post companies? "Right-wing" like: Apple? Google? Amazon? Facebook? One would be hard pressed to find a major company with professed right-wing political politics in today's United States.

Right-wing "multi-billionaire oligarchs"? Who? Warren Buffet? Bill Gates? George Soros? Jeff Bezos?  Right-wing oligarchs don't exist in the United States. The above tweet is a classic example of transference.

The delusional nature of Sander's first tweet gives the game away but he confirms it with the proposal to have felons serving their sentences vote. If you need felons' votes to get your programs passed, do you really believe those programs are what is best for law-abiding citizens?

What makes Sanders so bad is his hypocrisy. Sanders owns three homes. He is wealthy (and does not routinely release his tax returns). He honeymooned in the USSR. The authoritarian is Bernie Sanders, not "right-wing" boogeymen. The true authoritarians running for President are Sanders and many of his colleagues on the D side.

Fact: Liberty, the rule of law, and free enterprise are the greatest system of government the world has ever produced. If a candidate doesn't know or believe that, don't vote for them, regardless of their political party. 

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