Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April Blizzard to Increase Heart Attack Risks

Stormy and winter-like conditions are predicted to last until the end of the week in Rocky Mountain and High Plains region. The snow and cold have already increased heart attack risk, according to Ascel Bio’s Forecast Models. The risk will increase significantly tomorrow in the northern Great Plains and into the Upper Midwest Wednesday night and Thursday. 

Residents of affected areas should bundle up and protect themselves from the shock of the extreme weather dips, particularly at night.  As predicted by Ascel Bio, risk levels have increased to very high from relatively benign over the past 24 hours.

Below is a snapshot of our Heart Attack risk NowCast, showing risks as at 11am MST on April 9th.
The colors will likely shift to red throughout the northern Great Plains tomorrow and tomorrow night. You can get updated forecasts from Ascel Bio here

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