Friday, April 19, 2019

Dangerous Day in the Middle Atlantic Region

Heads up: Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia, Richmond and Charleston. Damaging winds and tornadoes are in today's forecast.

Let's break it down. The more serious risk is damaging thunderstorm winds. The significant risk is 15%. The purple area is a high risk of 45%. The hatched area is where wind gusts are forecast to exceed 75 mph!

There is also an enhanced risk of tornadoes.
On this forecast chart, 5% (brown) is the significant risk threshold. The 10% (yellow) is an enhanced risk.

How to prepare:
  • Power failures will be widespread. So, get some extra cash at the ATM and fill your car with fuel well before the storms arrive. If you have a chain saw, fill it as well. [Remember, if power is out, ATM's and fuel pumps will not work.] Power failures could last several days.
  • Fully charge your phone and PC before the storms arrive. Take them off the charger before lightning is present. 
  • If warnings of extreme winds are issued, please shelter like you would a tornado. Preferably a basement under sturdy furniture. If not, a small room in the middle of the house. 
  • If a tornado watch or a "particularly dangerous situation" severe thunderstorm watch is issued, please exit your mobile home find other shelter, perhaps in a community shelter or other sturdy public building. 
  • Wherever you shelter, I recommend wearing shoes, taking a flashlight with good batteries, and a couple of bottles of water into your shelter. If appropriate, take diapers and portable family heirlooms like scrapbooks. 
Please make sure you have at least two independent ways of receiving the warnings! Good luck.

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