Monday, April 15, 2019

If Global Warming Is No Longer About Science, What is its True Foundation?

Last week, there was another insightful article about the real issues involved in the global warming religion. 
Progressives see climate change as not only a crisis [it isn't, by any means] but also an opportunity. As argued by Naomi Klein in her 2014 best-selling book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, a climate movement inspired by bold policy proposal such as the Green New Deal, and equal in intensity to political movements that balled slavery and colonialism, would allow an alliance of left-wind groups to achieve a diverse range of social justice goals. For progressive, climate change, she argued, is the best chance to right the "festering wrongs" of colonialism and slavery, "the unfinished business of liberalism." 
The overarching aim of the Ocasio-Cortez/Markey plan is to transition the United States into a social democracy in the mold of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and then to spread a similar Green New Deal model across other countries of the world. As argued by backers of the resolution, the long-standing problems of climate change and income inequality share common causes, rooted in a "neoliberal" capitalist economy that favors corporations, economic growth, and the wealthy over everything else. This imbalance in power has not only created a climate emergency, they argue, but also has perpetuated the historic oppression of the working class, women, the disabled, people of color, and other "frontline and vulnerable communities."

One could write an entire book about what is wrong with the above statements. Facts: The United States and the world are more prosperous (there is less extreme poverty in the world than at any time in the entire history of the world), peaceful, and healthy than at any time in history. However, disregarding what got us to this point has created the current measles epidemic and numerous other new problems.

Liberty, free enterprise and the rule of law have created unimaginable prosperity and bounty for the world. That said, the United States has many issues -- the most fundamental of which is that we are turning away from those principles that have served us so well for the last 240 years.

But, returning to the quotations above, I don't know what could be more clear in demonstrating that global warming has morphed into primarily being about politics rather than science.

That point is also made by an article published earlier this month. The academy brooks no dissent when it comes to global warming. In fact, it will even refuse to publish accurate papers critical of climate models.
In real science, skepticism is celebrated. In global warming, it can get you fired. Remember, actions are not important, like using the most carbon-inefficient form of transportation.
Regardless of his gigantic carbon footprint (private jets, three homes, etc.), Sanders is revered because global warming is in no way about "saving the planet." And, today's climate studies are no longer about science.

United States' society can either face these issues for what they are or we can allow our society to deteriorate further. 

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