Friday, January 18, 2019

Their Spectacularly Wrong Forecasts Never Affect Their Confidence

Sunday, I posted the infamous "Snowfalls Are a Thing of the Past" article. Here's another (h/t Ross McKitrick), published in 2004.
It is from Great Britain's Guardian. Read the item below and remember, all of this was forecasted to have occurred by the end of this year:
"Major European cities sunk beneath rising seas"? "Britain plunged into a Siberian climate"?
As I write this, there is a climate meeting in progress in -- cough, cough -- Breckenridge. Note that these are held in resort areas: Bali, Montreal, Cancun, Paris, Milan, etc., etc. While the rest of us are supposed to be cutting our carbon footprints, the climate alarmists fly across the world, enlarging theirs. Have scientists involved in climate never heard of Skype?

This "settled science" has many more characteristics of a religion and a political movement than science. 

As Glenn Reynolds puts it, I'll believe global warming is a crisis when those telling us it is crisis begin acting like its a crisis. 

Addition: And, speaking of spectacularly wrong forecasts. Remember the "global cooling" craze of the 1970's?

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