Thursday, January 24, 2019

Way to Go, Kansas!!

A New York researcher thinks this is a bad thing (per Associated Press):

Kansas goes farther than any other state in limiting state and local agencies from influencing policy about food nutrition labels and portion sizes, according to a recent study.
A study published this month by New York University researcher Jennifer Pomeranz found that Kansas does more to limit the authority of local governments on food policy than any of the 13 other states with similar legislation, the Kansas News Service reported.
Kansas' pre-emption law, which went into effect in 2016, prevents local authorities from restricting portion sizes, taxing soda and sugary drinks and banning "incentive items," such as toys in a McDonald's Happy Meal. The law applies to counties, school districts, councils and other local government agencies, which are prohibited from enacting restrictive food policies.
In the 1950's and 1960's, the government had almost no role in nutrition. Obesity was extremely rare. As government has gotten more and more involved, people have gotten heavier and less healthy. Today, the nutrition rules are more confusing than ever (Coffee, good/bad? Meat, good/bad?).

The fact that Kansas forbids localities from micro-managing our diets is a very good thing. In Kansas, we still believe in "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

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