Will U.S. Airline CEO's Ever Get a Clue?

...probably not.
The CEO of Delta Airlines has written another "poor me" op-ed in which he accuses competitors of -- get this -- 'assaulting' travelers with low fares. The entire quote,

“These Italian routes, already highly competitive and well-served by existing carriers, are simply not economically viable without Qatari subsidies. By flooding these markets with subsidized capacity and dropping prices far below cost, Qatar is launching another assault on U.S. airline employees and travelers...”

Note also the "well-served" comment. Apparently, nothing is acceptable to him but a monopoly. In a related letter to the Administration from Georgia's (Delta's home state) senators,

“Air Italy’s entry into this crowded market appears consistent with Qatar Airways pattern of adding subsidized capacity in markets where demand is already well-served..."

Last time I flew Delta, I had a six-hour mechanical delay. Back in the "good old days" (the 1980's), United Airlines used to brag it kept at least one spare aircraft of every type it flew ready to be put in service at each of its hubs which would have prevented a delay of that length. There is nothing preventing Delta from doing that today.

I have gone from as many as 127 flight segments/year as recently as 2013 to 4 in 2018. Why? It is just too much hassle. I think the filthy tray table on a 2016 American Airlines' flight (I took pictures but you don't want to see them -- too gross) was the last straw. I asked the flight attendant if she could assist and her reply was, "What do you want me to do? I didn't leave that stuff on it."

So, you'll have to excuse me if I reject Delta's crocodile tears over actually having competition for their mediocre (at best) customer service.

How about some good 'ole American ingenuity, leadership, and caring about customers from the airline industry instead of treating us like cattle? Sadly, with Herb Kelleher's passing a few days ago, I don't think you should hold your breath.


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