Thursday, January 17, 2019

I Am SO Glad I Am No Longer a Meteorologist on Television

I retired from television meteorology in 1993. Two years before, during the coverage of the Andover, Kansas, Tornado (which killed 17) I had to deal with a viewer calling in to gripe that our coverage was
ruining her enjoyment of an NBC tabloid program called Hollywood's Lost Youth which exploited men and women who were stars when they were young and then got involved with drugs, etc., as adults.

Today, with social media, it would be exponentially more difficult to be on television. The following moved on Twitter, about five minutes apart, earlier this afternoon.
Ginger has the patience of a saint.

And, I've had the exact conversation below with various people on too many occasions to count.
I'd love to know where the concept of "deceptive meteorologist" came from. It is ridiculously common. It is especially difficult to be a woman meteorologist on television.

Betsy and Ginger, if you come to Wichita for Chasercon, the alcohol is on me!!

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