Current U.S. Wind Chills

Correction: NWS has determined the wind speed instrument at Ely is incorrect so the wind chill reading below is too cold.
The coldest is -70° at Ely, Minnesota (NNE of Duluth).
Of course, there is extremely high electricity demand this morning. But, in the area between the Missouri River and the Rockies -- where a disproportionate amount of wind turbines are situated -- winds are too light to turn the blades.

And, here is the current weather on Mars (really!).
The high of 19°F was quite a bit warmer than today's forecast high in Chicago (-11°).

There are power failures currently in Minneapolis, Chicago and Kansas City. A huge thank you to the men who are out in this horrible weather restoring power for their fellow citizens. 

Additional: Even though Minneapolis is colder than the South Pole, it has better restaurants.


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