Want to See the Real United States??

Today is Kansas Day. It is the anniversary of the day in 1861 when Kansas was admitted to the Union -- proudly -- as a free state. Kansas had to fight its own mini-war to be a free state. The Dockum (below) celebrates the first major, organized civil rights sit-in. It occurred in Wichita across the street from the location of the current Dockum speakeasy. So, come and visit us. 

We appreciate everything New York, Boston and Los Angeles as much as anyone. But, if you want to try something really cool, skip them for your next vacation and come to Wichita. Here is a story from Sunday's travel section in Australia. It begins by talking about Wichita's craft beer scene:
Dockum, Wichita
The Midwest is full of vibrant, eclectic cities, upscale food and drinks and a rich history — all served with a side of cowboy charm.
They have all the mod-cons of a big city like LA and New York, but with small-town hospitality and unique charm. win-win.
Here’s what you didn’t know about “flyover country”.
The craft beer scene in the US isn’t confined to Brooklyn.
The industry in the Midwest is growing quickly, thanks in no small part to both Oklahoma and Kansas recently signing legislation to end an outdated post-prohibition law that restricted the sale of full-strength beer and hampered craft brewers. That’s good news for the local craft beer industry and good news for you.
Check out Central Standard Brewing, a local brewery in Wichita, Kansas — known for its sours — which recently won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival, the Oscars of the beer industry.
Even if you’re not a beer lover, there’s still plenty to enjoy about the region’s thriving night-life. Kansas had statewide prohibition longer than any other state in the US, so speak-easies are a huge part of its history.
If cocktails are your thing, head straight to Dockum. Not only is it one of the Wichita’s swankiest bars, it’s located in an old bank vault, which you get to via the basement (and a wooden door) of the Ambassador Hotel. Grab a cocktail and feel like Al Capone. [BTW: the Ambassador is a 4-Star hotel]
You'll enjoy the entire article. A visit to Wichita and the Flint Hills makes a great vacation.

And, yes, Wichita has a program that will pay you to move to our city.


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