"I'll Believe Global Warming Is a Crisis When the People Telling Me It's a Crisis Start Acting Like It Is a Crisis"

David Attenborough might have urged world leaders at Davos to take urgent action on climate change, but it appears no one was listening. As he spoke, experts predicted up to 1,500 individual private jets will fly to and from airfields serving the Swiss ski resort this week.
Political and business leaders and lobbyists are opting for bigger, more expensive aircrafts, according to analysis by the Air Charter Service, which found the number of private jet flights grew by 11% last year.
“There appears to be a trend towards larger aircraft, with expensive heavy jets the aircraft of choice, with Gulfstream GVs and Global Expresses both being used more than 100 times each last year,” said Andy Christie, private jets director at the ACS.
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Global warming has morphed from science into a religious tool for more governmental control over our lives. While I would love to have a private jet, they are the least carbon-efficient way to travel. No one who believes global warming is a crisis would chose to travel that way.

*The title of this piece is a quotation from Dr. Glenn Reynolds.


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