Sunday, May 24, 2015

Flood and Tornado Update

It is almost impossible to discuss in a few words the extensive flooding from Kansas to Texas this morning. I-35 is closed near Austin. 10am update: I-35 has reopened.

The graphic from the NWS below shows the huge geographic extent of the flooding. If the symbol is yellow, orange, red or purple, that flood gauge is in flood or near flood.
Hundreds, perhaps thousands, are losing their homes and businesses. Most tragic of all, a fireman lost his life in a water rescue near Claremore, Oklahoma, last night.

Here is the rainfall for the 24-hours ending at 7 o'clock this morning.

More rain is forecast the next five days but the heaviest will be outside the worst-stricken areas with the exception of south Texas.

And, yes, there is a risk of tornadoes later today and tonight. The (brown) significant risk area extends from St. Louis and Memphis to Shreveport and Tyler.
If you live in these areas, I urge you to keep up on and other sources for local warnings.

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