Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Devastating Texas Floods

As one meteorologist noted yesterday, the four-year drought was broken in four weeks. This reminds me of 1957 when the terrible drought of the early to middle 1950's was broken in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for droughts to be broken by floods.  

I covered the terrible flooding in Austin on the blog yesterday.

Below is a tweet regarding the flooding on I-45 in Houston overnight and this morning.

Photo below is from the Houston Chronicle:
Residents of Houston are being urged not to drive to work today. At Hobby Airport, Southwest flights are delayed an average of 80 minutes because employees and crews cannot get to the airport. Fifty-two thousand homes and businesses are without power. At least two people have drowned.

And, in Dallas, there are departure delays because of a sinkhole that has opened up in one of the runways!
I am hoping that the advance forecasts (this is just one example) were helpful in mitigating these disasters. Regardless, I wish

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