Catholic Climatological Kumbaya

Matt Briggs' (disclosure: Catholic like me) has a great piece on global warming, the Pope's possible global warming encyclical and Catholic groups writing sermons about the encyclical before it is even published. He says:

Temperatures have remained more or less constant these past two decades, and there’s no sign this steadiness will waver.
Let’s repeat that, because, strange as it might seem, word of this happy fact, this most welcome, cheering circumstance, does not appear to have reached the ears of those who are certain sure the sky has already fallen, including those many organizations who are preparing to turn Pope Francis’s issuance of an (anticipated) environmental encyclical into a holy day. 
We bring glad tidings to these nervous groups: the world has not been growing hotter. It is not worse than we thought; it is better. The scientists were wrong, as scientists sometimes are. (Science, after all, is said to be self-correcting.) Dear activists, your source of concern has been removed. You can cease worrying and stand down! Isn’t that wonderful?
No, it probably isn’t wonderful. 
If global-warming-of-doom is false, which it must be, since, consistently, predictions have not matched reality, organizations that have been created to fight it are battling a nonexistent enemy. These organizations thus have no reason to exist. Which means they have no need to raise funds. Which means they may as well disband. Yet they haven’t and won’t.
That gives you a taste of Matt's cogent message. Please read the whole thing here.


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