Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Fun: Heading to Kansas

Wichitans have had a lot of fun with the Mad Men subplot of the Campbells moving to Wichita. If you are not familiar with the story, he is becoming the fictional vice president of Learjet (located in Wichita then and now) and, in the background, you see a sign for Raytheon aviation. It is now Textron (Cessna+Beechcraft) and is still located in Wichita. Wichita produces more airplanes than any other city in the world. Our spectacular new airport which celebrates our aviation history opens next month.

The Campbells will love living in Wichita and find it is a superb place to raise their daughter.

Whenever people visit Wichita for the first time they are pleasantly stunned how friendly and helpful the people are. I took a gentleman from Chicago to a Rotary Club of Wichita meeting recently and, after he said, "This is the real America." It is.

Yes, we are the "melting pot" for Kansas. We do pretty well (not perfect) in that regard.

Whether it is the spectacular Flint Hills or the one-of-a-kind Kansas
Symphony in the Flint Hills with Cattle Drive in background
sky, you'll love what you see here.
Kansas Thunderstorm in our huge sky
So, check us out. I know you'll like what you find.

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