5pm Plains Weather Outlook

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Satellite from 4:49pm. If you live an area with "OK" (dark), no thunderstorms of significance are expected before at least 7pm.

The storm in the Texas Panhandle is tornado-warned at the moment and may produce large hail and torrential rains. The the red line to the southeast? If the storm should move southeast along that line, it may produce periodic tornadoes the next couple of hours.

Here is that storm on radar at 4:59. It is the storm near Canadian.
Remember, tornado watches are out for much of the central High Plains (scroll down) and numerous tornadoes have already occurred from Kansas to Texas. Please keep up on the latest weather information.

I am going to take a break for a couple of hours. I'll have an update in the evening.

UPDATE: 5:07PM. Here is the tornado near Canadian, via Twitter.


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