Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Storm Outlook Through Tomorrow Night

As I said before, this is a big deal.

2pm This Afternoon to 7am CDT Thursday

Here are the latest tornado probabilities. Five percent is a significant threat, 15% - for tornadoes - is quite elevated. Hatching means major tornadoes possible. The tornado threat extends to western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The damaging wind probabilities are maxed out -- 60% is as high as they go. Hatching means gusts above 75 mph are possible. Fifteen percent is the significant threshold. One of the dangers of derechoes is the very fast forward movement: Often a mile a minute. So, you may have little time to prepare when a warning is issued. 

The probability of hailstones 1" in diameter or larger. Hatches is 2" in diameter or larger. Wind-driven hail is a major destructive threat.

The threat doesn't stop tonight.

7am CDT Thursday to 2am Friday
Very high probabilities from Raleigh to D.C. to Philadelphia to NYC. Air travel will be a nightmare. Some airlines are now allowing changes based on the forecast. Here is my Airline Travel Survival Guide

I'm going to post preparatory suggestions again. Please look through them if you live in the high risk areas.

  • Fill your car's gas tank, then have it in the garage before the storms arrive.
  • If you have a generator, fill its tank. 
  • Bring in lawn furniture, trampolines, etc.
  • Flashlight with fresh batteries
  • Full charge for cell phones, laptops and other items
  • Get a power inverter that can be run from your car
  • If you must keep items chilled (i.e., medicines), get a portable generator you can place outdoors that you can plug in a refrigerator directly
  • Use a licensed electrician to install a generator directly wired into your home's system
  • Regardless of an inverter or portable generator, get extension cords long enough to reach from the generator or inverter to whatever you wish to hook it to
  • Any items such as milk 
  • Refill any prescriptions about the run out

  • Special notice to news media: Tomorrow, tomorrow night, and Friday, do not say these storms "occurred without warning."

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