Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More High Plains Beneficial Rain

Monday, I posted an item with an update on the drought. The posting included a drought map with data through 7am Saturday.

More good rains have fallen since the data cut-off on that map. Below is a map of the rainfall since 7am Saturday.

In Kansas, we have been worried about Cheney Reservior which supplies water to Wichita (state's largest city) and the surrounding area. As much as four inches has fallen in the southern part of the watershed. It is now 73.3% full and rising.


  1. Speaking of rains. What is the deal with the use of "areal" in regards to flood watches/warnings issued by the NWS? This just seems like a little used term that most people won't understand.

    Mike B.

  2. Mike,

    Don't get me started on NWS warning terminology. At next week's AMS meeting, I'm going to suggest better ways to communicate threats. Am I hopeful they will listen? Only moderately.