Thursday, June 13, 2013

D.C. - Baltimore Area Update

Radar from 4:11pm. Twin tornado warnings. The original storm, with a confirmed tornado on the ground, moving toward the south Baltimore area and the second just east of the District. It does not include the District.

Tornado Warning extended east to S Baltimore County. Radar at 3:58pm shows a "leading edge" tornado similar to the one that struck St. Louis on May 31st. This is a dangerous situation. Take cover in the (red polygon) tornado warning. 

Radar Update 3:51pm. Tornado likely north of Rockville and Aspen Hill moving east. Moving toward Cloverly and Fairland. Take cover! Power out, Aspen Hill. 

This type of meteorological feature is called a "line echo wave pattern" (LEWP) and they do spawn tornadoes from time to time and this one has shown considerable rotation at times. The whole system is moving east. A tornado warning is out in the red polygons.

All of the area to the District of Columbia is under a severe thunderstorm warning for large hail and damaging winds (yellow polygons).
The pinkish-white is wind speeds of 55 to 65 mph measured by the radar, moving east.


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