Monday, June 17, 2013

Through the Climate Change Looking Glass

I remember when the Columbia Journalism Review was a respected publication that tackled difficult issues rather than shilling for fashionable causes.

The latest article about global warming is particularly offensive. The author is Steven Rosenbaum. According to Wikipedia he is best known for MTV News UNfiltered.

He calls genuine meteorologist Ginger Zee a "weather pornographer" because she does not link storms to global warming often enough. He is less hostile to her colleague Sam Champion (who has no atmospheric science degree or specialized education) because he occasionally links storms more often to the author's cause celebre.

He calls Craig Brown of "Common Dreams" a climate change 'expert.' Here is the bio of Mr. Brown,

Craig Brown and his late wife, Lina Newhouser, founded Common Dreams in 1997. Formerly a community organizer and political consultant, Brown has managed many state referenda, local, Congressional and US Senate campaigns. Brown managed the campaigns of former US Rep. Tom Andrews and served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Andrews. In 1991, Brown and Andrews helped co-found theCongressional Progressive Caucus. Brown provides the vision for Common Dreams and directs the editorial content and daily operations.

In the world of global warming, experts are political consultants and community organizers and real scientists are pornographers. Every time I think these people can't get any worse, they sink deeper into the sewer.

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