Thursday, June 27, 2013

Following Up

Sunset in Downtown Wichita this evening. Photo by AccuWeather Meteorologist Cory Mottice.

Here is another photo of the incredible sunset. This from Wichita Mid-Continent Airport's camera. In the foreground is the new terminal under construction.
Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport clocked a wind gust of 89 mph and McPherson, Kansas, 92 mph. There are north of 24,000 homes and businesses without power in Kansas at the present time.

The photo below is of an uprooted tree in Wichita's College Hill area. The tree is laying on an auto.
Photo by D. J. LaChapelle 

With regard to air traffic, today has been another thunderstorm-driven mess. I've never seen a message like this before. Click to enlarge and you will see that all flights of American Eagle to O'Hare are stopped because of "gridlock."

At this moment, there are major delays at O'Hare, Atlanta, Philadelphia, LaGuardia, JFK, San Francisco, Washington-Reagan, and Boston. Plus, after three days of this, there are crews and aircraft out of position, so some of this may last tomorrow even though the thunderstorms will not be in as key locations.

There is considerable flooding in Pennsylvania along with a tornado in Boalsburg earlier today.

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