Dangerous Winds Possible Overnight

Garden City, Kansas' airport just reported a wind gust to 61 knots = 70 mph. The dark blue is winds of 70 mph or higher moving rapidly east. Radar is from the time of the gust, 9:04pm CDT.


A new severe thunderstorm watch was just issued for Kansas, northwest Oklahoma, and one county of the northeast Texas Panhandle. Not the probability for wind gusts above 58mph is "high" and above 75 mph ( = 65 knots) is "moderate."

The deep blue in Finney county, Kansas is wind gusts above 80 mph as of 8:40pm CDT. These are dangerous winds.
Please make sure trampolines and other lawn furniture are indoors. You may want to put your car in the garage. Go ahead and charge your cell phone and computer, but unplug them before the storms arrive as a power surge could cause damage.


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