Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Important News: "Shield Act" Introduced in U.S. House

I inadvertently linked to the wrong story. The correct story is here. Thanks to the commenter for pointing it out.

As I understand it, the U.S. House introduced the "Shield Act" -- designed to protect the United States from both a devastated electromagnetic pulse whether from an enemy bomb or a Carrington-type solar event.

Please contact your congressional delegation and let them know you support this. Otherwise, we risk going back to the pre-electricity era without the pre-electricity infrastructure (do you have a horse and buggy?).


  1. Mike, the story you linked is dated April 2012, and the bill it references was introduced in 2011, where it died in committee.


  2. As I understand it, the sponsor of the bill is set to re-introduce it, but perhaps has not yet. This comes on the heels of the State of Maine becoming the first State to pass legislation requiring its "grid" to be hardened against EMP threats. This may be seen as opening the door for federal legislation. Who knows.