Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kansas Wheat Harvest in Full Swing

With a south wind and a 93° temperature, conditions are ideal for cutting wheat and that is occurring right now all over south central Kansas.

All the reports, formal and informal, that I am receiving is that it is a bumper crop with good test weights.
The harvest, at this point, is very much a race against time.

This is a forecast of one inch hail probabilities between now and 7am CDT. Fifteen percent is significant and hatched means the hail could be 2" or larger. Of course, a hailstorm would wipe out an unharvested wheat field.

Many of the larger combines (the farm implement that cuts wheat) have large, bright lights so they can cut at least for a time after sunset. Sometime, just hours can mean a difference between a bountiful harvest and no harvest at all.

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