Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Surprising Article About the Lack of Global Warming For More Than a Decade

Especially surprising coming from The Economist, a cheerleader of the "world is coming to an end" global warming advocates. The entire article is here.

My favorite paragraph:

Of course, if the consensus climate models turn out to be falsified just a few years later, average temperature having remained at levels not even admitted to be have been physically possible, the authority of consensus will have been exposed as rather weak. The authority of expert consensus obviously strengthens as the quality of expertise improves, which is why it's quite sensible, as matter of science-based policy-making, to wait for a callow science to improve before taking grand measures on the basis of it's predictions. 

On numerous occasions, this blog -- on the basis of the lack of warming buying us time -- has advised waiting until the end of 2014 before any decisions about global warming policy are made. That still seems like excellent advice.

I chose that date due to some of the forecasts made by those who believe there is a much stronger connection between the sun and the earth's climate than the IPCC. So far, their forecasts are much more accurate than those of mainstream climate science.

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