Friday, May 24, 2013

A Word From Our Sponsor

Since the weather has calmed down a bit across the country, let's do a little business:

The content of this blog is (c) 2013 by Mike Smith Enterprises, LLC. We do:
  •   Professional public speaking and writing about extreme weather and weather risk mitigation for business and society. The goal: Protecting your people, property and profits. 
  •   Uplifting, entertaining presentations about the people who have made our world safer. These have proven to be excellent dinner presentations at trade shows and company meetings. Attendees come out of the presentations uplifted and inspired.
  •   How to get ahead in business and how to use science in your business.
  •   Professional writing about weather, disasters, and risk mitigation. Recent clients include J Walter Thompson and The Washington Post.
Every one of our talks is unique and specifically tailored to our audience and illustrated with original professional quality photography and art. To inquire, please call Ms. Mindy Cook, marketing director, at (316) 204-9969. Or, Mindy AT mikesmithenterprises DOT com .

If you enjoy this blog, which is brought to you without third party advertising, please support it by purchasing our books:

Want to know how so many lives were saved in Moore? Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather tells of the courageous people that bucked the system to create the system that saves to many lives. This book is uplifting and inspiring and would make a great gift for a grad or dad. It is available in hard cover or ebook.

From an independent review:
I got this book as an Easter gift and immediately began devouring it. I was instantly sorry I hadn't bought it sooner.

I'm a very busy person with little time to read, but I MADE time as I got into Warnings, and buzzed through it in four days of brief reading periods. Not only is this book about a really cool subject -- our modern-day severe storm warning system and how it almost didn't happen -- but it's written very engagingly with nary a slow spot in the entire book.

The only investigation to reveal what really went wrong in Joplin, leading to the loss of 161 lives, is the subject of When the Sirens Were Silent. The softcover version is completely sold out. We've priced the ebook at the very low price of $2.99 even though it is professionally edited with complete color photography. The book includes the latest versions of the tornado safety rules for home, school, and office.

From the Washington Post's "Capital Weather Gang:"

The book, a quick read, is a stirring call to action to improve tornado warning communication in this country.
Smith provides a gripping countdown of the events leading up to the tornado, critiquing the series of decisions and actions from forecasters and emergency management and describing their consequences. His commentary is insightful and written plainly enough for the layperson to understand.

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