I Drove 275 Miles and All I Got Was This Crummy Funnel Cloud

Funnel cloud west of Aetna, Kansas

Of course, the purpose of this chase wasn't to find a tornado but to do some field testing. That said, it would have been nice to bag one of the large tornadoes in northern Kansas such as the one below.

Tomorrow still looks like a major severe weather event.  Please stay tuned.


  1. On the other hand, a spring drive thru the beautiful Gyp Hills is always worth a trip.

  2. Any preliminary data on the Bennington area tornado? It sure looked like a monster on radar and in the social media photos I've seen.

  3. No. NWS hasn't looked at it yet.

  4. How do they determine F-rating on tornadoes that stay in open fields? Since wind speed is usually determined by damage sustained (from my understanding) - in areas where there are open fields and damage cannot be assessed, how do they determine the tornado rating? Seems like the one near Cunningham yesterday just spun itself in one place for quite awhile, which would also be different damage than a quickly-moving tornado.

  5. If there is a mobile Doppler, they can use those winds as they did for Wichita's tornadoes a week ago Sunday. Mobile Dopplers are near the large tornadoes a surprisingly large percent of the time these days.


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