7pm: Tornado Update

7:27pm update: Damaging winds at oval.  Tornado at arrow.

7:21pm radar update. Tornado still indicated near Ebson, KS; Burr Oak take cover! Storms strengthening to the south.
7:24, 1 mi. E of Cora, KS one mile wide tornado reported. Debris falling from air!

7:07pm: Very strong tornado couplet in Doppler wind data! Take cover. Storm moving east.

While severe thunderstorms are in southern Nebraska with large hail, the tornado threat is in Kansas. Just had a report of a touchdown near Lebanon, Kansas.

The new cells to the south are developing farther south toward central Kansas are in an area very conducive to tornado development as well as giant hail. Radar at 6:57pm. Tornado warning (red polygon) extended to Ebson, KS.


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