Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dog Endangered By Anti-Cruelty Group

While I usually blog about weather safety, safety of all kinds interests me. I don't want people -- or animals -- hurt unnecessarily.

The website Care2 chose to use a dog in the middle of a railroad track to discuss a story about a new law making animal cruelty a felony. I believe the above photo qualifies. I hope the local prosecutor is reading.

Four hundred people each year are killed, 500 injured trespassing on train tracks.

Railroad tracks are for trains: They are not for people or pets!


  1. I'm with you on animal cruelty and I'm with you on the foolishness of trespassing on railroad tracks. However, the photo clearly shows rails that from one who has spent a fair amount of life crossing and near railroad tracks look if not abandoned, to be quite rarely used. Enough so that I'd argue for giving the photographer the benefit of the doubt here.

  2. WxJAK: Thank you for the comment. From where I sit, groups that promote treating animals well should set a good example. Posing a dog in the middle of railroad tracks is a terrible example. That is just my opinion and you are free to disagree. Thanks again for the comment.

  3. I understand. I'd say you are more passionate about the matter than I am, though FWIW I recently saw various videos (one ministry and one just a kids movie) that had kids walking down tracks. They as well looked abandoned, but I still used it as an opportunity to remind our kids not to walk down tracks, both because it is illegal and (personal experience here) dangerous... you will not always hear the train coming.

  4. Think about it: 400 lives each year -- more than one a day on average -- lost due to walking on railroad tracks. Utterly needless loss of life! Now, think about children seeing the cute dog in the middle of a railroad track. Is that photo telling kids it is wrong to be on railroad tracks? I don't think so.


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