Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2 Tornado Warnings Southwest Oklahoma

UPDATE 5:48PM. Radar at 5:45pm 
STRONG indication of a tornado north of Lawton moving ENE to NE. Look out Elgin, Sterling and Fletcher. Indication of tornado near Manitou. Tornado warnings for red polygons. Westernmost storm near Elmer is starting to show signs of rotation (circle). Keep an eye on it if you live in the Tipton area. 5:53pm: Semi truck overturned near Ft. Sill. 


Tornado warning for the Lawton, Oklahoma area (easternmost polygon, click to enlarge). There is a report of a rain-wrapped tornado. Second tornado warning for Fredrick, Manitou, Tipton, OK areas and most of Tillman County. Hail moving into western OKC suburbs and other yellow polygons.

Update 5:40pm. Via Mike Bettis, funnel cloud near Frederick, OK.

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