Global Warming: Is There Anything It Can't Do?!

As we go past the 5,000th cold temperature record set so far in 2013, we have this headline from PennLive:
The story quotes the Nature Conservancy, a big environmental group. Nature Conservancy is also responsible for this headline:

Both articles quote Dr. Evan Givertz. In both articles he is identified as the Conservancy's "senior climate scientist." If you go to his biography you find he is not a "climate scientist" but an ecologist. Those are two very different disciplines.

Just Sunday, the New York Times "ethicist" blog had an article criticizing television stations who call their weathercasters "meteorologists" when they do not have the credentials. I agree with that criticism of the television industry. But that is not where it stops: Most would be shocked at the number of climate 'scientists' that have never been a climate or meteorology classroom.

It would be beneficial to all concerned if the news media and advocacy groups would stop calling people "climate experts" who do not have the proper credentials.


  1. Mike is there even a degree called "climate science" unless it's associated with policy?

  2. Most of the first hits on that link are called "Climate Science and Policy". Another said the university called it "Climate Science" but the degree said "earth science".

  3. Don: There are college-level courses in climatology. I have taken several. I'm talking about "climate scientists" who have NEVER been a climate or meteorology classroom in their lives. People with degrees in Botany, Ecology and -- believe it or not -- MARKETING. All called "climate scientists" in the media.


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