Saturday, June 30, 2012

Derecho Aftermath

UPDATE: 3:13PM CDT: State of Virginia and District of Columbia both declare state of emergency. Add Indiana.

AccuWeather has numerous photos of the derecho's damage.
Trampoline embedded in the side of a home
Eight are dead and millions of homes and businesses are without power in the nine states that were in the path of yesterday's derecho.
An animation of the radar depiction of derecho is here.

CNN's overview of the storm is here. Even in the urbanized District of Columbia, it may be a week before power is restored. Washington Post's coverage is here. It will likely be two weeks in some areas elsewhere in the storm zone.

As the map above shows, extreme heat will revisit some of the areas that experienced the derecho and many will have to cope without air conditioning.  

The storm was so severe that Netflix, Amazon Cloud, Pinterest and Instagram lost service at one time or another. 

By the way, the worst heat in the nation yesterday was at Norton Dam in northern Kansas with 118°! 

Looking forward, there is a good chance of thunderstorms in some of the stricken areas later today and tonight. This is the probability of 1" or later hail map (hatched is > 2") with 15% the significant threshold. 

Things are relatively quiet now with just a few thundershowers on AccuWeather regional radar.

2:45pm Central Update: Death toll has risen to 13. Hat tip:  Johnny Kelly. 

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