Friday, June 29, 2012

Why is the Centers for Disease Control Publishing...

...junk like this?
Politics, the art and science of winning elections, is of zero interest to me. However, the workings of our government and the use of our tax dollars is of great interest.

We keep hearing how the federal government is getting squeezed by budget cuts. If that is true, how is it that the Centers for Disease Control has sufficient resources to be publishing articles about the naming of desserts?


  1. I don't have any connection to the CDC, so I'm just guessing here. But if I were their marketing person, I'd put together various publications that would grab the interest of people who aren't primarily interested in disease control or prevention. Cooking is a pretty big favorite pastime and necessity for lots of folks. So get their attention with recipes and get them to associate receiving good information with the CDC. Build the brand in their minds in the hope that they'll be receptive to disease control information in the future.

  2. This complaint seems ironic wedged in between posts about William Shatner dropping his pants and Len Dawson going into the football HOF as a broadcaster.

  3. @Unknown. Sorry you apparently didn't like this posting. However, it cost you zero. When the CDC does something silly, it comes out of the taxpayers' billfolds.

    That said, you are apparently unaware of Len Dawson's stellar career if you do not believe him worthy of the honor. Suggest you study up.

  4. The CDC did something similar last year with a post on "zombie apocalypse" preparedness that included tips for genuine disaster preparedness. Silly though it was, it got people to visit the CDC website and read the real disaster preparedness tips, who otherwise might not have done so.

    Does it really cost the taxpayers any more to have the CDC media/public relations/communications staff (as long as they are going to have them) produce interesting and humorous material than it would to have the same staff people crank out deadly dull material that no one will read?



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