And I Thought WE Had a "False Alarm" Problem

Many have seen this video of a fatal tornado in Japan. As we've discussed before, tornadoes occur in many nations in the world.

In my book Warnings, I contend the next thing that tornado researchers need to focus on is what I believe are too many false alarms (i.e., tornado warnings issued but no tornado actually occurs).

However, U.S. meteorologists have a stellar record with tornado warnings companied to Japan's. For eight tornadoes in 2011, they issued 587 tornado warnings!


  1. "This video has been removed by the user."

  2. Sorry, it was working fine when I got up around 6am.

  3. Interesting article. But are all those warnings for tornadoes only? Most European countries group tornadoes and other hazards into a generic severe thunderstorm warning.


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