Monday, April 18, 2011

I Dislike Posting This...

...but here a forecast of more tornadoes for the period from 7am Tuesday to 7am Wednesday.
Storm Prediction Center Forecast via College of DuPage
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The hatched area is where violent (F-2 or stronger) tornadoes and giant hail. This includes Dayton, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Little Rock, and Tulsa. The solid lines are relative probabilities of a tornado of any intensity or hail 1" or larger, or damaging thunderstorm winds (58 mph or more).

If you live in these areas, please keep up on the weather information tomorrow.


  1. do you think these storms will pass through elkhart indiana. I was kinda scared during the reuinion of palm sundays. The look of the path of this storm is north east. From what i c anyways. Anyone have any answers?

  2. I'll be posting an updated forecast in about two hours.



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