Sunday, April 24, 2011

Extreme Flooding Threat

The flooding situation is going from bad to worse in the Ozarks and Lower Ohio River Valley.

Here is the rainfall for the past three days. Red = more than 6" with some areas approaching 10" totals.
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Current AccuWeather radar shows a huge area of rain at 11:45pm CDT moving into the same areas where the heavy rain has occurred.
Arrows indicate the direction of movement of the heavy rain.
This area of rain may produce 4 to 6 inches by noon Monday.
Total rainfall over the next five days will exceed eight inches in some of these areas.

So, total rainfalls will exceed 15" in places! This will cause extreme, and in some areas perhaps record, flooding. I can't stress enough that people living in the vicinity of rivers from the Ozarks to the Ohio Valley need to continue to monitor river forecasts. And, if you are traveling, many roads in the area are already closed. If you encounter flooding, turn around -- don't drown. 

UPDATE 6:45AM Monday:
Numerous roads closed here in Sou. Ill. Many state roads are included. Mississippi and Ohio rivers are closing in on record (if not historical) levels and the rain hasn't stopped yet. Many roads that haven't closed yet are being threatened as we speak. Talked with my pops this morning who works with IDOT. He's been out all night inspecting roads. They are expecting the numbers of roads closed to double, if not triple, by mid afternoon.

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