Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More on the Vilonia, Arkansas Tornado

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This was another example of pinpoint storm warnings. At left is the tornado about 5 minutes from Vilonia (circled). The "debris ball" (a sure signature a tornado is on the ground) is clearly present (also circled) southwest of the town.

At right is the Doppler wind display showing the "couplet" (circled) of rotating winds southwest of the town. Vilonia was under a tornado warning at the time the tornado struck (purple polygon on left image).

Our hearts go out to the people of Vionia who lost their homes and loved ones in this storm. But, it likely would have been worse without the advance warnings.

With today another "high risk" day, meteorologists who serve these regions are working overtime. I want to salute them for their vital and lifesaving work.


  1. The pinpoint warning of this horrific storm and it's 40 minute gateway for warning viewers of it's arrival is what saved our lives. The image as shown is the Black Oak Ranch Estates community that is 5 miles southwest of Vilonia. Accurate pinpointing of this storm gave us time to seek shelter from it and survive. Out of 120 homes, 16 still stand. We lost 4 members of our community and it could have been many more. THANK YOU for the excellent coverage received from KTHV's Chief Meteorologist Ed Buckner that saved our lives and the lives of my family! The devastation was "pure hell" for all of us.

  2. Teriann, thank you for your comment and your recognition of Ed's contribution to saving lives. I'm going to use it as the basis of a post tomorrow.

  3. Mike you are most welcome. Many here feel the same as I and while we are recovering, our trips to town for supplies have given us chance to overhear others saying thank you to Ed and his dedication to the science.

  4. Teriann,

    I've written the posting and it will be up late tomorrow morning as a separate posting. Easily 1,000 lives were saved by meteorologists in April and I want the meteorologists involved to get the credit.

    When you get time, check out my book "Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather." I believe you will enjoy it.

    Thanks again,


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